It can’t be denied that the staffing industry is an important part of employment and recruiting. If you’re not sure if you should work with or hire through a staffing agency, here are somethings we think will pique your interest.



Staffing agencies are “high-touch”

Staffing agencies are one of the top five “high-touch” ways to land a job, according to the American Staffing Association’s Workforce Monitor survey. The phrase “high-touch” refers to the amount of human interaction you have. With staffing agencies, you aren’t dealing with an automated service. You will be talking to professionals in person or over the phone. We take that kind of interaction seriously.



Staffing agencies have connections

Staffing agencies have the best client and employee networks, by far. They are unmatched in their ability to find quality employees for companies seeking to fill specific needs. They are also in contact with local companies who are hiring. If you decide to call a staffing agency for a job, especially us, you’ll be able to find something that fits your needs.


Staffing agencies save

Save on what, exactly? Well, everything!

  • Time. Working with a staffing agency means your company doesn’t have to use valuable time to sift through resumes, interview candidates, or perform background checks. We do all of those things for you.
  • Money. Bringing on a new internal employee can be expensive, and hiring through a staffing agency mitigates that.
  • Headaches. If you’re sick of do-overs, tired of the hassles of hiring, and looking for something more, staffing agencies will take care of that for you. No more headaches.


Staffing agencies are flexible

The great thing about hiring through a staffing agency is the flexibility. Need seasonal workers? We’ve got you covered. If you need a professional manager with loads of experience, we’ll find one. Trying to find a temporary worker for a temporary position won’t be any trouble, either.

6 Responses to “Top 4 Benefits of Working With a Staffing Agency”

  1. Rosie Beckett

    It makes a lot of sense that staffing agencies can help you find a job quickly because they have so many network connections with different companies and they will be the first to know who is hiring. I am thinking about looking for extra temporary work over the holidays this year because I have time off from my regular job. It gives me peace of mind knowing that staffing agencies will be able to provide me with many different job options so that I can find something that I enjoy doing and works in my schedule.

  2. Tiffany Locke

    I appreciate that you mention how staffing agencies have a wide variety of employee and client networks to help people find the right match for their needs while also working around any flexibility or requirements, such as if someone wants temporary employment or seasonal workers. When choosing an agency, it would probably be a good idea to go online so you can research the different companies and learn about their connections and experience. This could help you find one that has experience with the industry and type of employment you want so that you can hire the right employee or find a position that matches your requirements.

  3. Taylor Anderson

    I’ve been getting a bit bored with my job, so I’ve been thinking about going to a staffing agency. It was really helpful when you mentioned that staffing agencies are flexible, so they can help keep variety at work. Where can I learn more about the benefits of using a staffing company?

  4. Larry Weaver

    Thanks for explaining that staffing agencies have excellent client and employee networks. My dad is looking to start up a small retail store in his community, but he’s having some trouble with the hiring process because he doesn’t have a network. I’ll mention to my dad that he should look into working with a staffing agency to find new people to hire.

  5. Hazel Owens

    You make a good point that business can save time by using a staffing agency to hire new people. It also helps them get experienced people in there quickly since the company would already have people. This would also allow the company to focus on productivity instead.


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