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  • Managing the Generations: Valuing the Wisdom of Age and the Contributions of Youth (3/31/2017) -   During a recent training class I conducted, a Millennial employee vented to me that what she heard most often from older workers was “No, we can’t do it.” She was frustrated by their apparent lack of openness to new ideas, particularly in one situation in which her proposed solution to an existing problem was…
  • How to Increase Your Job Offer Acceptance Rate (4/3/2017) - By implementing a total reward program, a company can build a reputation as a great place to work and therefore attract the best talent. Non-monetary benefits and perks can, when combined with competitive salaries, form a well-rounded compensation strategy that helps an organization attract candidates, increase offer acceptance rates, and improve retention. Over the last…
  • Flexibility At Work: Is It Overrated? This Study Suggests So (4/6/2017) - In response to trends that favor less “traditional” work arrangements, more and more companies are giving employees the flexibility they prefer. But do employees really want that increased flexibility—especially if it comes at the expense of their wages? Two National Bureau of Economic Research scholars, Alexandre Mas (professor of economics and public affairs at Princeton…

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