Tempstar Staffing saves you time and money!

The cost of recruiting a new hire today is escalating. Start with advertising: Whether it’s in the paper, online, or through other media outlets, the expense can be outrageous. TempStar Staffing has partnerships with a variety of outlets for posting jobs that takes this expense away from you, the customer.

Time is Money
TempStar Staffing saves you time by reviewing what can be an overwhelming stack of applications and resumes. Our experienced team of recruitment professionals pre-screens and pre-qualifies applicants for you, helping to reduce your employee turnover with qualified candidates for your review. By allowing us to do what we do best – finding you the most qualified candidates possible for your employment openings – you’ll find the time to do what you do best: Running your business.

Prove It
Employee testing allows us to further scrutinize potential applicants for your approval. Our Web-Based testing program allows us to verify the skills that you are requesting. Our employee testing package has hundreds of quality assessments, including tests for clerical and industrial staffing, as well as software, healthcare, financial and technical job classifications. In addition, TempStar Staffing can customize employee screening tests to match your company’s specific staffing requirements. Test results are reported instantly, expediting our capability to recognize highly qualified candidates quickly and easily. TempStar Staffing is constantly enhancing our ability to acquire and retain qualified candidates.

"When you look at the true costs of time and money that new hires consume, you can see why more and more employers are turning to Tempstar Staffing to solve their hiring headaches." 

Buyer Beware
TempStar Staffing offers our customers the peace of mind that comes with knowing their employees have been thoroughly screened. In addition to skill assessment testing and reference checks, we offer our clients the ability to request background checks and drug screening of individual candidates.

Hidden Costs of Employee
When you have a TempStar Staffing employee working for you, we take care of all the employment costs. You receive a flat bill rate. It’s that easy. This contains all your payroll expenses, including wages, benefits, employer match taxes, federal and state tax filing, W-2 compliance, unemployment Insurance, workers’ compensation insurance and funding. Legal expenses can range from wrongful termination and discrimination suits, workers’ compensation claims and litigation, unemployment and maintaining federal/state regulation compliance.

Did you ever hire someone who was completely different from the person you interviewed?
The time and trouble of hiring an individual on your own is costly and time consuming, and sometimes that new hire isn’t the right fit. By utilizing TempStar Staffing, you can eliminate recruitment and hiring mistakes immediately, and have a replacement furnished right away. Our Temp-to-Perm program allows you to hire a temporary employee on a trial basis, with the option to hire at the end of the trial.