Relocating is a hassle sometimes, especially if you do not have a job lined up at the place you’re moving to. Sometimes you need to move first before finding a job, which is stressful for everyone who finds themselves in that position. Whether it’s a sudden family illness that requires your care, your spouse’s new job, or a number of other situations, it’s important to know that you’ve got options!


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A great way to ease the uncertainty is to find temporary work located near your new home. Want the inside scoop on what makes temporary work a good fit for you when relocating?


Temporary jobs are flexible.

You still have to move your belongings, don’t you? The great thing about temporary work is that you’ll be able to get a good job that still allows you to settle in and help you transition into living life in your new town. It may also help you get acquainted with new co-workers and make new friends and connections.


Some temporary jobs are available immediately.

Starting work is much quicker for a temporary position than it normally is for most permanent positions. If you’re in a jam and need to work while you move, there are many jobs that get you started next-day or same-day, getting you up onto your feet immediately where and when you need it most!


Temporary work gives you an inside look at your industry in the new area.

Nothing’s worse than being unfamiliar with a new town. Fortunately, temporary work will give you the much-needed sea legs you’re looking for to succeed in any industry. It will give you hands-on experience in working with companies in the new area without making a permanent commitment. On the flip side, the temporary position may also lead to new contacts and possibly a permanent position when your assignment ends.

Want to learn more about temporary jobs? Moving to the York, Lancaster or Berks County area, or have a friend/relative who is? Tempstar Staffing’s job board holds the key to finding the best possible fit for you. Browse our job board today at, or give us a call, and let us help you settle into your new home with a new job!

2 Responses to “Relocating? Temporary Work is What You Need to Succeed”

  1. Kourtney Jensen

    I like how you mentioned temporary jobs are flexible. I’ve been thinking of doing temp work to fill up some time once my kids start school. I’ll be able to pick what my availability so I can both work and stay at home with my kids. I’m excited to get back working!