If you just finished high school or are fresh out of college or tech school, you’re probably thinking about what your next steps should be regarding your career. Even with higher education, it still might be pretty tough to find a position that works for you if you don’t have a plan. A common pitfall that many new job seekers (and even seasoned ones) tend to fall into is that they are unprepared for what it takes to succeed with their career. Fortunately, we’re here with a few tips that will make the transition as seamless as it possibly can be.


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Don’t be afraid to try temporary work.

Even if you’ve got a college degree, don’t be afraid to start out small with a temporary or contract job. You’ll gain valuable work experience dealing with co-workers, new work environments, and new skills that maybe you’ve never heard of before. Not only that, but it is also great resume-building material. Your nearest reputable staffing agency can help you get a position quickly!


Make a contingency plan.

You always have to have some sort of back-up. If you’re fresh out of high school or college, and you’re searching for that perfect job, continue working somewhere that’s not perfect but still pays the bills. While you’re working there, you can continue job hunting for what you want while still gaining some income and workplace experience.


Have a back-up for your back-up.

Back-ups sometimes fall through. If possible, double down on your back-up plans and make sure you’ve always got something to work with. Staying two steps ahead can be tough, but if you utilize the next few bullet points, it can make this one a cinch!


Make connections, and keep up with them.

This is tough, especially if you’re not a very social person. Making connections with people, either online or in person, is a great way to keep your hand in everybody’s cookie jar, so to speak. You’ll be connected with a wide variety of individuals who may know a thing or two about the types of jobs you want, and may even lead to you getting your first job in your field.


It’s about what and who you know.

While there are many instances where someone can score their dream job on their own, it is becoming increasingly more difficult due to how selective recruiters are getting. Believe us, recruiters don’t just hire anybody, even if they have all the qualifications. It’s one thing to have all the skills and knowledge, but if you don’t gain their trust in some way, the odds of getting an offer often go down tremendously. This is where your connections come in; knowing the right person at the right time can lead to some excellent opportunities.

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