Temporary and contract employees make the staffing world go around. According to the American Staffing Association, staffing firms in the United States employ more than three million temporary or contract workers in an average work week. It is no surprise that we, and many other staffing firms, are truly grateful for what these millions of individuals do for us on a daily basis.

Looking to be a temporary or contract worker? Take a look at these traits to determine if you’ve got what it takes.



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#1: Crave a challenge.

If you’re a temporary or contract employee, you’re probably one who relishes a challenge. You’re open to brand-new areas of work that you might not have done before, and you’re willing to go the extra mile to get things done under extremely short deadlines or stressful circumstances. Not only that, but you thrive in those environments, and we applaud you! Not many people are willing to do that.


#2. Enjoy variety.

With new assignments comes new obstacles to overcome, new environments to explore, and new people to meet. Your new work environments are nothing like your old ones, and you’re constantly having to re-think how one company after another operates. You’re flexible, bringing all of your knowledge to the table to achieve your work goals. This is an invaluable trait.


#3. Focused.

With new challenges and a variety of work, you’re always having to sharpen your attention on what you’re doing. You have a laser-like focus on what you’re doing despite not being in the same place for long.


#4. Desire to learn.

A new assignment means feeling out your workspace and getting to know how the new company does things. Being open to learning new things is how you are naturally; you crave knowledge and you enjoy being taught and expanding your horizons. After the learning phase is over, you’re right in the middle of your job doing everything almost perfectly, while simultaneously watching and listening for ways you can improve.


#5. Work well in fast-paced environments.

Temporary and contract employment often means going above and beyond to perform a specific task at a lightning fast speed. You recognize this and you enjoy going Mach 5 to ensure that your assignment goes off without a hitch.


#6. Punctuality.

Punctuality is important for every employee, but it is especially vital for a temporary worker. A punctual employee is a reliable one. Companies rely on their employees to show up to work on time so that they can finish assignment or create more products. A punctual, reliable employee is a terrific asset for any company and builds a long-lasting reputation for future assignments.