Employee morale can make or break a team. It is what separates a productive team from a bored, uninspired team.

More often than not, the responsibility of solving the problems of a low-morale workplace falls on management. In order to do this, you need to be vigilant about catching any issues as soon as possible, before it can spiral out of control, and taking the necessary actions to facilitate a healthy working environment.

Consider the following points when you begin brainstorming about boosting your employees’ morale.


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1. How much do your employees respect you?

Steady relationships build the necessary framework of a successful team. Much of the time, however, the relationship between manager and employee can be strained, abused, neglected, or forgotten, which can lead to a lack of respect and trust. This can impact not only employee performance, but it can also impact managers and their ability to motivate.

Respect is a two-way street. Employees don’t respect those who don’t respect them. If you’re looking to improve the relationships you have with your team members, consider how and how often you show your genuine appreciation for their hard work and consider some ways you could improve your attitude and demeanor around them.


2. Do you have toxic employees?

Toxic employees can, and very often do, drag down the morale of a business. Toxic employees spread negativity and gossip among co-workers, sow discord among workplace relationships, and manipulate the system to get ahead. Ultimately, they are a detriment to your business, and you need to deal with them as soon as possible. Even if they are high performers and the best workers you’ve ever had, they aren’t worth keeping if they are causing everyone else problems.

We put together a list of the worst kinds of toxic employees and how to identify them, so you don’t have to wonder.


3. Are your employees bored?

Mundane tasks can take a toll on one’s morale and can cause them to be disengaged from their work. This can also be the beginning of a toxic employee who cuts corners, as we’ve discussed in previous blog posts. Perhaps they just aren’t the right fit for your company and don’t find the work challenging enough.

It takes a creative and determined mind to turn mundane tasks into interesting, challenging work. Brainstorm some ideas unique to your situation; there is no single right answer.


4. Do your employees feel valued?

Your employees may feel like their voices don’t matter. Perhaps there was a situation where they made suggestions to solve an issue, and you didn’t listen to them (for one reason or another).

The best way to make sure that your employees feel valuable is to take time specifically to listen to what they have to say and to take their suggestions (or criticisms) seriously. Talking to them on a personal basis, listening to what they have to say, can make a tremendous difference in your relationships with them.