For the past several months, there have been more job openings available in the United States than there are people to fill them, leading to labor shortages. According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, on the last day of August, the number of job openings increased to 7.1 million, a new series high. This appears to be a good thing, but it can ultimately have some negative impacts on your own hiring efforts. Are you struggling to balance your staffing needs in the midst of these shortages? Take some time to read our tips below for some encouraging ways to stay ahead.


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Look internally

If you have some open positions that are difficult to fill, look first at your current roster of employees. Perhaps there is someone who works for you right now that has all of the necessary skills, experience, and time with your company to perform well in the new roll. This can give you several advantages; hiring costs would remain low, training time would be decreased, and it always helps to work with someone you know and trust.


What is your competition doing?

Do some research on your competition, especially those who seem to have a well-oiled ship at their disposal. What might they be doing differently than you? Perhaps their wages are higher, or they have recently provided new expanded benefits to their employees. Maybe the working conditions are better, or the managers there are noteworthy. Whatever the case may be, it might be wise to do a little digging first before committing to any internal changes.


Speak to your staff

Your staff may know more about what is needed in your company than you do! A labor shortage won’t go unnoticed with them, because they will be affected the most by it. We encourage you to ask your employees questions and get their feedback on the most crucial needs of the business.


Work with a staffing agency

Don’t forget about your friendly neighborhood staffing agency! With the help of an agency finding workers for you, you can rest easy knowing that their employees are properly screened, have their background checks completed, and interviewed by top-notch recruiters with your needs in mind. They save you time with job descriptions and posts, screening candidates, and handling payroll.

If you need help beating staffing shortages, we’d be happy to assist you. Contact us today!