Wanting to start 2019 off the right way with a new job? We hear you! There’s never a better New Year’s resolution than getting out there and finding a different, more meaningful career. However, you might be wondering how that could be possible if you’re already employed. You need to consider timing, interviews, exit strategy, and many other things. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your new year as you plan for your next transition.


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Keep it to yourself

Always keep your new career plans to yourself. Even if you’re itching to tell someone, think twice before doing so, especially if you have co-workers who don’t keep secrets. Everyone knows that word travels quickly throughout the workplace, whether or not you tell others to keep quiet. You don’t want the news to reach your current boss without your knowledge!


Use your free time to job search, not company time

Don’t search for a new job during work hours. The idea here is do your new job search on your own time, not while you’re “on the clock.” Even if you use your own personal devices to do so, such as a smartphone, while at work, it means that you’re not doing your job. For many companies, this is grounds for termination, and this will reflect negatively on you if you try to search for another job elsewhere.


Don’t include your current employer in references

If you want to keep your new job search a secret, you can’t use your current employer as a reference. Your interviewer may want to give your reference list a call if they want more information about your past experience. If they call your current employer, it will alert them of your search status, and that can be an embarrassing situation.


Take phone and in-person interviews outside of work hours

If you don’t want to arouse suspicion about your new job search, be mindful of when and where you take calls and interviews. Leaving your work station or desk frequently to have a phone interview may alert co-workers and supervisors. Make sure that your official conversations between you and the new employer are either during lunch breaks or in off-hours.


Work with a staffing agency

When working with a staffing agency, the job search is simple and anonymous. With Tempstar Staffing, you won’t have to worry about having your job search broadcast to unintended parties. If you’re looking for a new job, but you’re unable to do many of the things listed above, we can help take that weight off your shoulders by doing all of the searching, connecting, and heavy lifting for you.