For every light industrial business, attracting the best employees can be challenging, especially with high turnover rates. Many employers like yourself may be turning to temporary or contract workers to supplement their production needs due to talent shortages. When you find an employee you like, hiring them on is the next logical step, but getting to that point can often be difficult. In order for you to stay ahead of the game, you need an effective strategy to attract reliable, hard-working employees, but it isn’t as easy as it sounds. We’ve collected a few tips for you to consider as you look for new talent.


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Be honest about the position(s)

In order to attract honest workers, you need to be honest about what you’re offering them. Don’t merely offer the good aspects of the job on a silver platter and expect them to stick around when the job doesn’t match their expectations. Light industrial jobs, as you know, are very often physically demanding. Being secretive about the physical demands of the job, both in online job listings and interviews, is off-putting. It may even drive people away once they get a taste of what the job is really like.


Determine who the best candidate would be for your position

You can’t effectively attract employees to your business without first determining what kind of people you want to hire. This doesn’t mean just job experience and competency; you also want to hire someone who fits well within your company culture. What qualities do they possess, and how do those fit into the core principles of your company? It is important to establish the ideal candidate first before attempting to seek them out. You may end up with the wrong person if you don’t!


Establish competitive job benefits

Being honest about the job means you’ve got to back up the undesirable aspects with a positive payoff that is worth it. Are you offering a competitive benefits package? What will your workers get out of the job? Why would someone want to work for you in that job?


Encourage current employees to give referrals

If you think your current employee roster is capable, dependable, and trustworthy, it might be a smart idea to ask them to spread the word about your open positions. They are more likely to know other hard-working and trustworthy individuals, and they would be more likely to refer them to you. A trustworthy employee most-likely isn’t going to jeopardize their reputation with you by referring somebody who doesn’t meet your standards.


Consult a staffing agency

We here at Tempstar Staffing understand the frustrations of attracting quality workers. We can help you source local talent and find the best match for your business goals and company culture. Contact us today to see how we can help you!


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