Because technology changes at a break-neck speed, so does everything else that relies on it. As a result, job hunting has always followed in the footsteps of tech. With the advent of the internet and the ever-expanding need for ease of access, the demand for simple job searching solutions has never been higher. Cell phones made phone interviews something you can do in the car. Smartphones have made job applications a matter of a few screen taps.

How has job hunting changed over the years, and what can you do to find unique answers to your employment needs?


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Networking Isn’t So Face-to-Face Anymore

Networking is still a reliable way to find a meaningful career. It is more often the case that who you know is more important than what you know. However, who you know today might just be a profile picture and a few social media messages. It could also be just a phone call or a video call.

Due to the rise of social media, face-to-face networking (making connections in person) isn’t happening as much these days. People are texting, making social media posts, and commenting through visuals and emojis. They aren’t visiting physical locations, shaking hands, and talking nearly as much.

Answering the question of “How can I set myself apart?” isn’t an easy one for this particular area. While some from previous generations still like to make in person connections, many Millennials and Gen Xers are reliant on their devices to connect with people. You can’t effectively reach them by ignoring things like social media.

Establishing an online presence that is both professional and respectable can go a long way towards connecting with the right people.


Online Job Boards Are In

The first thing people think about when considering job hunting isn’t the classifieds in the newspaper.

Instead, people utilize the dozens of online services catering towards finding a job. Online job boards have been around for a number of years, but they are still one of the few top ways people find meaningful employment.

If you’re not utilizing at least two online job boards to find opportunities, you are missing out. In fact, Tempstar Staffing has our very own job board! You don’t even have to go to Google to find it. Click the link to search for and apply for jobs instantly!


Physical Applications Aren’t Out

Because online job hunting has become the default for many, they don’t consider how important physical applications may be. Some companies choose not to advertise their jobs online or post open positions, opting for a more selective approach. These positions are basically hidden from view by online-only job seekers.

If your online job hunting efforts aren’t getting results, try visiting locations physically and asking for a hard copy application. You’d be surprised how many people value someone who takes time to do this.


Staffing and Recruiting is Growing and More Attractive Than Ever

More Americans today are utilizing local and international staffing firms to help find them quality job opportunities than ever before.

Over the last several years, the staffing and recruiting industry has experienced record growth. In 2018, the staffing and recruiting industry set several records for the number of average weekly staffing employees. Right now is the perfect time to work with a staffing agency to help you find meaningful career opportunities.