One advantage of being a small business owner, or a manager of a small business, is being able to work with employees on a personal basis. However, in order to set yourself up for success, you need to consider how your workplace benefits your employees. Happy employees are more productive, stay longer at a company, and are a boon for any office or warehouse.

When evaluating how your workplace operates, consider these points to help you improve it.


Managers who seek to improve the workplace for their employees see a drastic change in their productivity.

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How You Communicate

Clear, direct communication is what separates an effective, efficient team from a sporadic, inefficient team. Effective leadership begins with clearly-defined objectives, paths to reach end goals, and encouragement (and constructive criticism) of staff. Employees appreciate when their boss is clear in their expectations but does not come across as patronizing.


Do They Have Career Mobility?

Many employees value a consistent advancement track within a company. They want to envision themselves working for someone for a long period of time. If your employees are people who want to grow and you appreciate their talents, consider how they may fit in higher-responsibility roles. You may even find yourself creating new positions for them to fill in more appropriate roles.



Many employees want to feel like they’re a part of a team. They find great reward in working with others towards a common goal. Foster an environment that values teamwork by assigning daily, weekly, or quarterly team goals. If your team(s) succeed with these goals, throw them a party, take them to lunch, or buy them gifts for their hard work.


Employee Input

Employees will feel like they’re a greater part of the company if they are allowed to make important decisions. Giving them the opportunity to make smart decisions will only increase their decision-making skills later down the line. This may also help you determine who among your team deserves to be the next supervisor or manager.



Recognizing individuals for their hard work and dedication makes them feel appreciated and wanted. Neglecting this side of communication can lead your employees astray and into stagnation. The gesture of recognition doesn’t need to be large or cost you money. It can be as simple as saying, “Great job,” or “Good work” every now and then. It can also be something more well-deserved, such as a bonus or a promotion.


Firm, but Fair, Leadership

Flaky leadership can cause employees to become disinterested in their work. It may also lead to them lashing out or becoming lazy. As always, disinterested and belligerent workers can spell disaster for your business and can cause other employees and departments to suffer. Effective leadership knows when to release the reigns, but also knows when to be firm.


Courageous and effective leadership also requires the top-performing employees. If you’re struggling to find top candidates for your open positions, we can help. Contact us today!