In non-temperature controlled workplaces, summer can spell disaster for employee health and morale. If your employees are too exposed to the heat, even while indoors, it can result in serious illness or death. To make sure your operations are in tip-top shape, use these tips and help your employees beat the heat.


Man wearing a hard hat inside of a warehouse in the summer

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1. Control Airflow as Much as Possible

Fans are your best friend if air conditioning isn’t possible. If you are dealing with a workplace environment that has wide open spaces, it may be difficult to control the airflow in that space. Using industrial-sized fans will be able to keep the air moving throughout the workplace.

If you have a cooling source available, use it in conjunction with industrial fans to pump the cool air throughout your facilities.

The most important factor here is to keep the air moving throughout the building.


2. Get Cold Drink Coolers, and Keep Them Stocked

A good idea to keep your employees cool during the summer is to have coolers of energizing drinks spread out over your facility. Ensure that each employee knows where each cooler is and have their supervisors remind them to take small breaks to cool off. Gatorade and flavored water are suitable.

If you can spread out and keep a couple of coolers stocked throughout the workplace, your employees will be grateful.


3. Cover Up Areas of Direct Sunlight

Being directly exposed to the sun can be extremely deadly. To ensure that direct sunlight doesn’t become a problem, make sure to cover up areas of your workplace that allow excessive sunlight to enter. Put blinds or shields over windows that affect your workers. Put up tents so your outside workers can get some shade. It may even be a good idea to plant trees outside to provide some extra shade.


4. Monitor Employees’ Behavior and Health Closely

Keep an extra eye on your employees’ behavior and health during a hot day. Heat-related health issues can sneak up on a person and can become quite dangerous if they are not paying attention. Sometimes heat-related health issues can be detected by someone’s behavior. Heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke are three common illnesses that occurs due to excessive summer heat. Familiarize yourself with the symptoms of these illnesses so that you can properly treat employees.


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