Every team will have a wide variety of personalities. Managing a diverse workforce effectively can be a boon for your business. However, failing to recognize the diversity in personalities of your team can certainly spell disaster if you aren’t careful. We’re here to help you manage your diverse team in a way that will make your business thrive.


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Keep It In Perspective

In your business, your first priority is to maintain the right perspective. You will want your team focused with a team-oriented mindset. This helps keep the well-oiled machine running smoothly.

However, in a diverse workplace with diverse personalities, things can get hectic. You may find yourself having to micro-manage employees who gravitate towards different tendencies. You might have an employee or two with a “solo” personality, who prefer doing work on their own. Others might be willing to work as a team, but they might try to claim more credit than they deserve.

In order to keep the team from falling apart, clear team-oriented goals must be made explicit and enforced.


Remember Other Factors

Clashes in the workplace may take place for reasons outside of work.

Most people have their own problems that they’re dealing with at home or elsewhere. While it is inappropriate to hash out home troubles while at work, it is still possible for the negative effects to spill over unintentionally. A problem at home can cause negative attitudes and behavior while on the clock.

Clashing personalities may make this issue worse. If there seems to be an issue between two team members, it is always a good idea to investigate other causes.


Pay Special Attention to Headstrong Employees

Headstrong employees have dominant personalities. They have the tendency of displaying arrogant behavior and being dismissive of others. They also have the tendency of starting fights, and won’t back down from a challenge, due to power imbalance.

Headstrong employees require some special attention in order to keep a blow-up from happening. If they are a good worker, you will want to keep them around. The best approach to handling explosive situations is to diffuse it. Make sure the headstrong employee knows how their behavior is, or will be, affecting the company and the team. Ensure that they understand how much influence they have over productivity, and how much their negative behavior will disrupt it.


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