If you’re a manager with a decent-sized team, you know how critical communication can be. A good team can become great with exceptional communication. However, all of this starts at the top. Want to keep ahead of the game? You should be providing critical feedback to your team frequently. To find out why, continue reading.


Team leader giving feedback to employee


Your Employees Want Your Feedback

Regardless of whether or not your employees are vocal about it, they want your opinion. They need to know if they’re on the right track and where they can make improvements. Without proper feedback on assignments, your team may lose direction and may start lagging behind schedule. Providing plenty of feedback throughout a project can make the difference between a successfully executed project and a poor one.


Communication Relieves Pressure

Employees can feel an incredible amount of pressure during high-stress times. This is especially the case when their employment or pay hinges on performance reviews. If your company has an infrequent review period, chances are your employees are feeling concerned about how they’re doing. A yearly performance review, for example, can leave employees out in the dark at the six-month period. They may have no idea about what they’re doing wrong, if anything, or how to improve.


Feedback is a Good Motivator

Even if there are some areas that need improvement, your employees want to hear from you. Feedback is a good motivator to get your team working smarter and harder towards a defined goal. You offering them specific direction gives them something tangible to work towards quickly. It is much easier to implement granular changes over the course of a few weeks, than it is to rely on a yearly performance review to make improvements on something that occurred earlier in the year.


If you are noticing a lack of motivation or a slowdown in your workplace, consider offering more feedback to your workers. They will greatly appreciate it!