In the current competitive labor market, finding the right employees can be a big hassle. Because of this, it might be a good idea to shift focus to retention efforts and keep staff turnover low.


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Staff retention is important because you want to make sure your current employees stay. If one of your employees leaves for another job, that’s one more position you need to fill. If more and more employees leave, it can create a productivity deficit as well as a problem finding new workers.

Keeping your team fully staffed, trained, and happy is a great step towards preparing for the tough hiring seasons. How might you be able to achieve this? Here are some ways to address staff retention.


1. Improve Benefits

Many people value different things in a job. These days, for some, pay may be less important than benefits. Addressing benefits is a good place to start when evaluating staff retention. The best way you can provide adequate benefits to your employees is by constantly evaluating their needs. This can become expensive, but in many cases it may be worth revisiting.


2. Provide a Career Track

Employees are more likely to stay at a company if they see higher opportunities within their reach. More and more workers are becoming dissatisfied when they can’t grow in their career. Giving your employees growth opportunities will show them that they can advance through the company if they stay. A clear career track can give them the motivation they need to move up.


3. Invest in Training

According to the American Staffing Association, most adults believe that more training will make them more valuable as workers. Investing in training will help your staff grow, give them a sense of forward momentum, and show them that you want them to work for you.


If you’re struggling with staff retention, or struggling with hiring new employees, contact us today to see how we can help!