While on the job search, you may have encountered many different setbacks, and you aren’t sure what went wrong. Job searching is, unfortunately, a complicated process with several different things going on all at once. Getting one of these things wrong can disrupt the rest, and that doesn’t do you any favors.

If you’re struggling to get interviews, phone calls or job offers, it might be time to take a look at your approach to your job search and make some changes.



Your Resume Doesn’t Look Good

Treat your resume as if you were dressing yourself up for an interview. It is the very first impression an employer will have about you. It should not include any spelling errors or inconsistencies, contain clip-art images of any kind, or use any weird fonts.

A poorly formatted resume can also cause problems. Many employers these days use online applications or desktop programs to filter through resumes they receive. A poorly-formatted resume sometimes tricks the program into ignoring keywords and, ultimately, filtering out the resume entirely. If you’ve loaded up your resume with solid keywords, but the format isn’t organized and professional, it might go right in the trash.


You Don’t Prepare for Your Interviews

It is never a good idea to show up to an interview unprepared. The interviewer wants to know that you care about the position you applied for. Showing up without knowing anything about it or the company gives the interviewer a bad impression.

Preparation comes in all shapes and sizes for every person. One of the best recommendations is to research the company you are interviewing with first by looking at their website. If you can come up with a few questions to show your interest in the company, it can go a long way towards putting your best foot forward.

Preparation can be as simple as looking over your resume ahead of time, so that you are better equipped to talk about your skills and abilities.


You Are Late to Your Interviews

Being on time and punctual is, after your resume, a key component towards building a positive first impression. Arriving late to an interview shows the company that you don’t take them seriously enough to honor commitments. There are no excuses for running late, and it is better to assume the interviewer won’t accept excuses. This means that even if you have to arrive a half hour or an hour early to beat traffic, it is better to do that than to be late.


You Let Past Rejections Get You Down

If you’ve had many recent failures in your job search, the feeling of failure can sometimes bleed into your current job prospects. You might get an interview with a company but do poorly because you were stressed about the other interview you had the day before. This isn’t healthy for you, and it isn’t going to help your job search at all.

Approach each job opportunity as a new beginning. Treat each interview as separate, but learn from the mistakes you made in previous interviews, and use them to better yourself for upcoming ones. Focusing on the feelings of failure, rather than learning from it, will affect how you answer questions and how you come across to the interviewer.


Finding a job isn’t easy, especially after many attempts. At Tempstar Staffing, we can help you find meaningful employment without the hassles of job searching. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.