Night shift; overnight shift; third shift. All of these names refer to positions that have work hours during the night. You may not realize it, but a significant portion of the workforce works the graveyard shift. It is a viable option while job searching and makes great money. We’re here to illuminate some third-shift pluses to give you the best outlook on this particular shift.


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Night shift pays more

Third-shift positions often pay significantly more than first or second-shift positions. Fewer people are willing to work at night than during the day because it is inconvenient.  Companies realize this and offer shift differentials to make working the night shift more appealing.


Free during the day

After sleep, night shift workers are free during the day for the most part. A common start and end time for third shift is from 10pm to 7am. This means that third-shift workers have more daylight to run errands or do personal activities they couldn’t do otherwise.


Night shift is usually a quieter environment

Depending on where the job is, third shift is usually much quieter. This is because there are fewer people (customers) out and about, and there are also fewer employees. Introverted and non-customer focused people might find working the night shift more relaxing. If you’re someone who gets distracted by loud or busy environments, third shift may be for you.


Commuting and errands are easier

Depending on the start and end time, third shift jobs typically have an easier commute. If you’re traveling to work at 10pm and going home at 7am, there will naturally be less cars on the road. Additionally, if you’re out doing errands right before or after work, there will most-likely be less lines and fewer people as well. You may even be able to snag things at the store that are usually out of stock by evening.


Great opportunity to advance

Third shift positions are good to show the company what you can do if you’re aiming to get promotions. Night shift roles are naturally more autonomous since fewer employees and supervisors are needed. Because of this, it will lead you to taking on more responsibilities. If you desire, you can take on more leadership roles and set yourself on a path to future promotion.