For many, finding a new job is a difficult task. If you’re comfortable where you are now, finding something different often feels like you’re starting over. However, starting over can offer you a fresh perspective, one your current job might not be able to give you. If your current job feels like it’s more trouble than it is worth, you might have to consider other options. How do you make sure you’re in a place to consider new employment? Here are a couple tell-tale signs.


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You lost, or lack, motivation

Somewhere along the line, you may have lost your motivation to do the job. This could be due to many things. It may be due to poor management or an absence of incentive. You may have also just lost interest in the job, or you may have never been that interested in it to begin with. In any case, losing motivation can be harmful to your mental well-being as well as your quality of work.

Losing your motivation can lead to a breakdown in your role(s) as an employee. It can start out simple, like your quality of work decreasing or being less friendly to co-workers. Eventually, it can lead to more complicated issues, such as completely missed deadlines or unfinished, sloppy work. It may even manifest as verbal outbursts.

In the end, you should pay attention to your level of motivation and determine whether it is coming from you or an outside source. Luckily, outside sources of lost motivation are a little easier to handle.


You hate going to work

Ever have days where you wake up with a pit in your stomach about going to work?

If you feel this every day, and not just occasionally, you might need to listen to your gut. While getting a bad feeling about work once in a while is normal, feeling this way every day is not. You should feel like going to work is a comfortable, mentally or physically engaging experience. You should not feel like every work day is the end of the world.

It’s important to identify what is making you anxious about work so you can react to it when necessary. Even if that means getting another job.


Your work environment has changed

Have your co-workers gradually stopped talking to you? Has management sidelined you in favor of someone else?

Analyze the level of communication you receive from everyone at your job. Do you notice anything different from before? If there are any noticeable changes, particularly you being left out of things, it may be a bad sign. This could mean you are being taken for granted, you’re being pushed out, or you are being replaced or let go soon.

Change is good, but in this case it may be a red flag that something else is wrong.


Your salary/benefits don’t match your experience level

You may have been working at a company for a long time. However, your salary and benefits have budged little during that time.

Is this the case for you? If you’ve been working for several years without a raise or added benefit, your company may be taking advantage of your labor. It may be they simply don’t know what’s going on, or they keep blowing you off.

If you find talking to them about it too risky, you may want to find another place to work.

If you’ve found any of these problems in your current job, Tempstar Staffing here to help you find another career. Contact us today to see how we can help you!