When you think of customer service, what comes to mind? These jobs all revolve around assisting customers and maintaining the company’s customer-facing standards. However, unlike most jobs, it takes a special person to excel in and enjoy customer-facing positions. Do you have what it takes? Find out what makes the ideal customer service associate or professional.


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They are patient

Patience is perhaps one of the most valuable traits in a customer-facing employee. Working with customers can be, and often is, a highly tiring job. In demanding industries such as retail, working with customers can be particularly exhausting. Not only do you have to satisfy the customer’s wants and needs, but you also need to concentrate on being professional and keeping focus. Difficult, picky, or indecisive customers make all of this a juggling act. A patient customer service associate has the tools to effectively manages all of these expectations.


They don’t get discouraged easily

An effective customer-facing employee does not get discouraged easily. Working in any environment with customers can be taxing on one’s motivation. Retail employees, for example, can become discouraged quite easily by a rough work week, or if their manager isn’t doing a good job. However, an upbeat, positive customer service associate deals with this less often. They are able to tackle any challenge they face with a smile.


They make logical decisions quickly

Sometimes, customer-facing jobs require making logical, split-second decisions. For example, if you work in a clothing store, and someone asks you for recommendations, you need to be able to answer them quickly. A worker who lacks confidence, or struggles to make decisions, might not be a good fit for these roles.


They follow instructions and don’t cut corners

Working with customers requires one to be consistent and professional. There is no room for corner-cutting or getting lazy with instructions. Customers who regularly shop or do business at your store can tell when something hasn’t been done correctly. An effective customer service associate follows instructions to the letter are consistent with their work.


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