One thing you have likely heard before is that social media can harm your career. We’ve even written a previous blog post about it! However, you might not have heard the opposite. You can help advance your career using social media. Social media, if used intelligently and in moderation, can be a great tool to put yourself out there. What do you need to know before you get started? Here’s how social media can help advance your career.


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Showing Your Personal Brand

Social media can help solidify your personal brand. Your personal brand refers to the impression others get of you online. It’s almost like wearing a nice outfit to an interview. What do you want the interviewer to notice about you? Do you want them to know you’re a professional? What about a hard worker who gets stuff done?

It works in a similar way to how you present yourself on social. Think about it like the pre-interview interview. Do you want to appear professional and hard-working? In any case, to help advance your career opportunities, you’ll want to adjust your social media profiles, info, and postings to align with these objectives.


Connecting With Leads

Social media is a great way to connect with other people. This is especially the case if you have an industry of interest. You can use social media to connect with people who may have job opportunities.

Even today, one of the best ways of landing a job is through word of mouth. That is, hearing it from other people. It stands to reason that the more people you communicate with on social, the higher the chance that someone might have something for you.


Keeping Things Professional

In maintaining your social media profiles, you also maintain your professionalism. As you already know, it is a good idea to pay attention to what you post. Inappropriate images, racism, or bad-mouthing previous bosses or employers are pretty serious red flags for anyone looking at your profiles.

A clean, professional-looking profile can go a long way to help reinforce the first impression. Your profile doesn’t need a folder of headshots or a resume pinned at the top. This isn’t about turning your Facebook into a portfolio. This is about giving potential employers a better look at how well you might fit with their company.


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