As an employee, you can help build a positive working environment at your job. A positive working environment is healthy, communicates well, and produces high-quality outcomes consistently. When the entire company works well together, everything runs much more smoothly. Your co-workers, managers, and even customers stand to benefit from it. Additionally, on the plus side for you, you could be identified for leadership roles and promotion! It’s a win-win. Here are a few tips to get you started.


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Treat Everyone With Respect

You may have heard the phrase: “Treat the janitor the same as you would treat the CEO.” This piece of advice is valuable no matter what position you’re in. If you treat one person, or one group, differently than another person, or another group, it may create division and resentment.

The way you treat other people is a reflection of your personality and morals. If you have respect for everyone you work with, chances are they will show respect for you, too.


Avoid Workplace Drama

This might be difficult. However, a positive working environment can’t happen with excess drama. Not participating in drama, and helping others to avoid it too, makes the workplace a much friendlier and helpful place to work in. There is always going to be nosey busy-bodies, but if you work at avoiding drama, eventually they will take the hint.


Be Friendly and Helpful to New/Temporary Employees

You were new at your job at one point. You know how uncomfortable it is to start at a new job. This is especially the case if your first couple of days were rough because no-one helped you out. If you don’t want someone to experience the same start, be the person that helps them. A positive working environment can get a good start by making sure new employees start on the right foot.

This is also especially the case for temporary workers. Sometimes, businesses hire temporary employees to fill urgent positions. Existing employees may not like this and it could result in some friction. Being friendly to temporary workers will help move your workplace towards the place it needs to be to succeed.

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