When you’re looking for a job, it’s important to keep your web presence in tip-top shape. Whether on social media or Google, what pops up when someone searches your name can have an impact on your career prospects. If you’re unsure about how to clean up your web presence, here are a few steps you can take.


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Google yourself

A good first step to cleaning up your web presence is by Googling yourself. What does the first page say about you? Does it highlight good things about you, or is it negative?

Remember, chances are high that another person shares your name. Make sure that what appears in Google Search is actually you. If someone with your name is out there with a public record, you’ll want to make a note of it. That way, if it comes up in an interview, you can address it appropriately.

Also, make sure to skim through Google Images, too. If an unprofessional photo of yourself appears there, you can follow the links to have them removed from the original website.


Check social media sites you don’t use

Why? So what if you don’t use Facebook or Twitter?

You need to make sure someone isn’t running a fake profile with your name/photo on it. If someone is impersonating you, get someone to report them ASAP. A person using a fake profile could be up to all kinds of trouble. They could be scamming or cat-fishing other people. Not only that, a person running a fake profile could be posting inappropriate content. You don’t want a potential employer getting a negative impression from something you didn’t do.

The best way of helping prevent this is by creating an “empty” profile for yourself. Use an appropriate and updated photo with accurate information. You can also add a couple of your friends as well, but make it clear that the account is just to protect your name. If someone does happen to create a fake account of you to scam, you can point to the one you made as the real one.

Even if you don’t intend to use social media, this step could be important to help clean up your web presence.


Review your active social media

What if you do actively use Facebook and Twitter? If your name is easily searchable on those websites, double-check your profiles.

There are a few things to work on here. Not only should you clean up your web presence for right now, but for the future, too.

  • Look at your posted photos. Do they represent you in a professional way?
  • Review your posts. Look at everything you’ve posted in the last year. Is there anything that you think could get you in trouble?
  • If possible, remember some of the comments you’ve made on other peoples’ posts. What do those comments say about you?

While posts and photos can be hidden from the public, comments on other posts cannot. Everything you comment on someone else’s posts can be seen by everyone. Moving forward, make sure to keep your comments professional or, at least, neutral.


Now that you’ve gone through these steps, it’s time to job hunt, and we can help! Contact us today!