Need a fresh start? Sometimes life throws us curveballs, and starting over is the only way to deal with them. A brand-new job can be a great place to start if you need a do-over or change of scenery. Fortunately, there are plenty of jobs that don’t require any experience to get started.


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General Labor

General labor is an umbrella term for all kinds of physical and non-physical work that does not require any specific skills or experience. These jobs are often temporary, but they can be permanent if the employer needs someone to fill in a position that has been empty for a long time. It also includes seasonal jobs, jobs that only last through a busy holiday period.

In these positions, primary job responsibilities can vary. Depending on the job and industry, a general laborer might be moving boxes or equipment, doing light cleaning, assisting other employees, or filling in where help is needed.

Order Picking

Order picking, or order selecting, is a well-paying option that usually doesn’t require experience to get hired. An order picker’s primary job is to transport products from storage to the dock or pick-up station. This may involve pulling/pushing a heavy cart across the job site and identifying the correct product to pull from shelves.

The order selector should know how to read, write, and navigate a warehouse or storeroom. Other than that, though, almost anyone can get started in this job.



Packing & packaging is a less physically-intensive type of job. Packers are usually responsible for putting products into boxes and sealing them up for customer pickup or shipment. Products a packer might be dealing with may include raw food, canned goods, books, envelopes, paper, and all kinds of other things. The nature of the job may require the employee to sit or stand for extend periods of time.


Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistant jobs typically don’t require experience to get started. Often what companies look for with administrative assistants is great customer service & organizational skills. A person can bring these important skills from other industries and jobs to help them grow in the position.

Administrative assistant job duties may include filing & organizing paperwork, scheduling, supporting employees, and taking & making phone calls.



A people-person with a great personality can land an entry-level or junior sales position with no experience. A salesperson is responsible for communicating with clients & customers about company products. A salesperson may work with an entire business or sell to individual people, which depends on the product & business.

Sales positions don’t require any special education, although that certainly helps, and they’re available in nearly every industry.


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