Working towards getting your GED? Have you just recently obtained your GED but not sure what jobs you can get with it? Look no further. A GED is the first step towards landing a high-quality job! Many companies around the nation are looking for motivated people to fill critical positions in great jobs that only require a GED to get started. Let’s take a look.


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Warehouse work is a great place to start after getting your GED. Warehouses have a wide range of needs across the facility for people with all kinds of skills and interests. Due to the nature of the work, many warehouses work 24/7 and host multiple shift options with shift pay differential. Getting certifications may also increase compensation. Warehouse jobs include, but are not limited to:



The assembly/production industry is a good place to start if you enjoy working with your hands or making things. Jobs in these industries are repetitive but also consistent if you don’t like change. Assembly/production jobs may involve assembling parts by hand, using hand tools, or working with specialized machines. Quality control is also an essential function of assembly/production. Assembly/production jobs include, but are not limited to:



Administration jobs can provide skills that can be transferred to many other industries that involve customer service. Administrative professionals typically deal with both physical and digital information. They are often required to be knowledgeable in using computers and data applications. Administration jobs you might be interested in include:


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