One of the more useful things a job seeker can make is a brand-new email account. However, many job seekers still use their personal email to submit applications and sign up for job search services. While this isn’t a required step, when you create a job search email, you gain several key benefits that can help your job search efforts. Here are just a few of those benefits.


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Create a professional email address

One of the most basic mistakes people make in job searching is using an email address with an inappropriate name. Are you still using the email you had that you made from high school? Chances are, the address you picked back then does not represent the person you are today.

When you create a job search email, it gives you a chance to create a professional-sounding address. You may choose to use variations or abbreviations of your full name. You could even indicate that this email is used for job searching specifically. Whatever you decide, put some thought into making it professional.


Start with a clean slate

When you create a job search email, its a chance for you to start fresh. A brand-new email account with nothing in it lets you focus on job searching, and only job searching. Not only is starting anew important for organization, it’s also great for your mental health as well. If you use an old account that receives a hundred emails a day, several bad things could happen.

  1. You might get distracted with automated emails & forget about your job search.
  2. You might lose important emails from employers even if you save them.
  3. A lead might end up getting buried in your spam folder.


Show employers you’re serious

A job search email helps you stay organized and gives a great initial impression of you. In keeping track of emails, responding quickly to requests, and using a professional address, you indicate to the employer that you’re taking your job search seriously. The very act of creating a job search email itself shows that this is something you’ve invested some time into. Your personal brand starts here. Using an old email you’ve had for a decade, while convenient for you, may not give the best first impression.


Shows employers you’re keeping up with technology

In certain niche situations, which webmail service you use can show that you’re keeping up with the latest trends. Let’s take tech fields as an example. Email providers like AOL, Hotmail, and Yahoo have been around for a while. All three of these services have had their fair share of bad press in the past. This is not only with incidents of hacking and info getting stolen, but also with their lack of features and anti-spam efforts. When you create a job search email, pick a newer email provider that has all the latest features in anti-spam, security, and accessibility.


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