When looking for temporary work, it is important to know what questions to ask during the interview with recruiters. Not only will it help you understand the job better and know what is expected of you, but it will signal your seriousness about the job. It will also give you insight into the company as well as the staffing firm. Here are some questions you should ask during a temporary job interview.


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What are the job responsibilities?

There is probably no question more important than this. What role you will be filling at the company will determine whether or not you’ll want to even take the job in the first place. There are almost always job duties that are left off descriptions. With that in mind, it will help you get a fuller picture of what you’ll be doing.

It is also useful to double-check to make sure the job description lines up with what the recruiter tells you. If there are many differences between the two, its a sign that something’s not right.


Is there a possibility for a full-time offer?

Many temporary jobs have full-time potential after the assignment is over. If management likes you and your work, they may want to bring you on as a permanent employee.¬†Sometimes these jobs are listed as temporary, but may turn into full-time later. If you don’t ask and pass on the job, you might miss out on a good opportunity. Others are listed as “temp-to-hire,” which has a greater chance for you to be permanently hired.

Asking about this will indicate to the recruiter that you’re interested in permanent positions as well.


What would the ideal candidate be for this position?

This is a pretty good question to ask in any job interview. A temporary job interview is no exception. Asking about the ideal candidate will help you understand where your strengths are in relation to the job, as well as where you might need to improve. Once they give you a complete answer, you’ll then be able to determine whether or not the job fits what you want.


What is the job training like?

Some jobs have established training procedures that new hires go through to get acquainted. Other jobs may show you the ropes and then guide you along the process with minimal supervision. Even still, other jobs might have an entirely hands-on management team that will watch your progress closely and lead you through directly. It all depends on the company and management.

Asking about training will help you understand what the first few weeks will be like in order to help you prepare.


What is it like to work for this company?

This isn’t a question people commonly ask in temporary job interviews, but it is still important. You won’t know what a company is like until the day you start. With that in mind, it is better to ask sooner rather than later. Otherwise, you might walk into an environment you’re not comfortable with, and you don’t want to waste any of your time or theirs on unknowns.


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