Whether you’re employed or searching for work, you should occasionally take time to spruce up your resume. There are many things you can do with a resume to make it stand out. Unfortunately, not everyone has the ability to express their career on a page. Templates can help, but the actual content may be difficult to write. Here are some tips on how you can improve your resume for the summer.


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Keyword searches

Found some jobs you want to apply for? Take a look through the job descriptions and write down some of the keywords you find across them. Keywords would be about what skills or knowledge you might have.

For example, if all of the job descriptions say they are looking for someone who has organizational skills, write down “organizational skills.” If you have organizational skills, make sure you include that on your resume.


Include complete work history

A strong work history looks good on a resume. This includes consistent employment across the last several years, few gaps between jobs, and excellent explanations of job responsibilities. However, employment gaps are bound to happen, so ensure that you are able to explain these if they do arise. Future employers want to know what happened throughout your work history, and being honest about the gaps you may have is a good way to starting the process on the right foot.

Don’t forget to add those keywords, too!


Upgrade the visuals

If you haven’t needed your resume for a while, chances are the design of it could use some facelifts. If you aren’t the best at creating resumes, you should use free resume templates from the internet and fill in the blanks with your information. Be careful, though; not all resume templates are winners. A simple, clean, and organized resume template that avoids strong colors is always a good option.

Select the template carefully and remember to remove or replace all of the default information before you send it anywhere.


Now that you’re able to spruce up your resume, we can help with the rest! Contact us today to learn how we can use your resume to find you a great job.