Tempstar’s History

Over 35 years in business

Over 35 years of continuous improvement to serve South Central PA’s staffing needs.

Tempstar Staffing’s founder, James Sorber, opened an office in Reading, PA, primarily focusing on the Berks County area. Initially a Russoli Temps franchise, Jim opened 2 more locations in Ephrata and Lancaster over the next 10 years. In 1996, he changed his business’s name to Tempstar Staffing, while christening a new branch in York, PA that same year.


As with any enduring business, we have grown, overcome obstacles, and adapted as needed throughout the years. Regardless of any changes though, one thing has remained consistent: we continue to conduct ourselves based on the same pillars of business that Jim established this company on in 1986. Those values revolved around being scrupulously honest, offering spectacular customer service, seeking the best qualified staffing employees, and truly acting as a partner with local businesses, together helping each other grow towards a prosperous future.



Today, we celebrate the fruits of a great man’s labor, and we honor Jim’s vision, dedication and leadership throughout the long life of this company. We may have gone through some changes throughout the years, but by adhering to his founding values and conducting ourselves by his everyday example, Tempstar Staffing continues to be a company that we’re certain he would be proud of.



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