Awesome people – we can prove it

We conduct personal interviews and administer a variety of skills tests, based on the requirements of each job. Our Prove It! program has a full range of quality assessments that can be customized for your company’s specific requirements, including tests for:

  • Clerical, professional and light industrial positions
  • Software program proficiency
  • Healthcare, financial and technical job classifications
  • Testing for the following: job knowledge/skills, integrity, cognitive and analytical ability, personality/behavioral traits, dexterity, color recognition, future performance indicator
  • Facilitate or be completely responsible for any required third-party testing, such as:
    • physicals
    • baseline blood levels
    • respirator
    • and more.
  • Administer any client-specific testing or training, including simple paper or internet-based testing to overseeing full training classes for employees prior to their first day. No matter your need for employee testing or training, we have the staff, resources and space to accommodate you. We administer and oversee this in our offices and have recently modified a new building to accommodate larger classes.Our goal is to work with you to create and administer a plan that will ensure the highest rate of success with placements to their company.
  • Test results are reported instantly, enabling us to deliver highly qualified candidates quickly and easily.

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