In a previous blog post, we discussed why soft skills are equally as important to your career as hard skills.

We provided several examples of soft skills that employees should practice learning in order to succeed in work. These were Listening, Negotiation, Nonverbal Communication, Adaptability, Willingness to Learn, Logic, Conflict Resolution, Delegation, and Decision Making.

In this blog post, we will be sharing a video about some underrated soft skills that don’t get quite enough attention.

The underrated soft skills discussed in this video are: Focus, Openness to Feedback, and Accountability.

Video Transcript

3 Underrated Soft Skills Every Professional Should Have

Cultivating the right soft skills in your career will make a difference, whether you’re working towards a promotion, or setting your sights on your ideal job.

Soft Skill #1: Focus

Intense focus allows you to produce more than usual, complete more difficult tasks first, and use your skills in more meaningful and satisfying ways. Make time and space for yourself every day, away from distractions, to focus on your work to get more done.

Soft Skill #2: Openness to Feedback

Listening to critiques of your own work promotes professional growth. When receiving feedback, your reviewer’s opinion is valuable. Listen to them, take notes, and be as specific as possible when asking questions.

Soft Skill #3: Accountability

To keep accountable with your co-workers, set reasonable goals. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Set aside time to focus on unexpected tasks. This way, you can meet your deadlines easier and be seen as someone who is dependable.