One underappreciated secret to employee retention is keeping them engaged. An engaged employee is a happy employee. Your workers will come to work ready to do their jobs, feel good about the company they are working for, and will be more willing to do more work during crunch periods. Engaged employees feel like an integral part of the company, no matter what their position is.

Is your company struggling to retain or interest its employees? We think it’s time to assess a few things.



Examine Company Leaders

Do your managers set a good example for their employees, or do they ignore their own advice? If your answer is the latter, a manager’s meeting might be in order.

Many issues with employee engagement begin with the leaders of the company. Engaging managers are personable, responsible individuals who show their workers how to be a successful employee through their actions. Unmotivated, distracted, and absent management will likely garner similar attitudes from their subordinates.

Growing an engaged workforce usually begins from the top. If you’re wondering why employee engagement is low, look there first.


Ask for Employee Input

There is no better way to help engage your employees than by asking for their opinion and giving them a voice on decisions that will impact them the most.

For example, your employees will feel more motivated to do good work if they’re able to select incentives. During tough times, giving employees a say on cutbacks will make them feel like they’re in control of what is happening. If overtime is required, giving employees options will help them feel more important in the overall goals of the company.


Act on Feedback

Asking for feedback is one thing, but acting on it is the most important part of the process.

Employees who give feedback do so for both their’s and the company’s benefit. If you ask for feedback, be prepared to act on or adjust the things your workers tell you.¬†Ignoring, dismissing, or procrastinating with their comments can give them a bad impression. It might make it seem like you weren’t serious, or you don’t value their opinion; or it might make them suspicious of your motives and question your leadership.


Keep Accountable

Accountability is crucial in business. Leaving staff members in the dark about important things happening in the company serves as a disconnect between them and the managers. Employees who don’t know what’s going on might start making up scenarios or theories about it rather than knowing the truth.

An accountable, transparent management team will foster openness and inclusiveness among staff members. A closed off management team will foster negative attitudes such as worry, doubt, and suspicion that will harm the company in the long run.

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