Many job seekers believe that the key to a successful job interview is just answering questions posed by the interviewer. However, asking your own questions is also just as important! We want you to enter your interview well-equipped with the tools and strategies you need to succeed. Asking the interviewer several appropriate questions can leave a positive impression and help you with follow-up interviews.

Here are a few questions we think would be beneficial to ask in your future interviews.


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“Could you tell me more about…?”

If there is an area of the job that was left vague or limited in details, ask about it. You need to know as much as possible about the position in order to better prepare yourself for it. Ask about anything that strikes you as needing more information.

“How and how often do employees receive feedback on their work?”

This question asks for the manner in which feedback is relayed to employees and how often supervisors give feedback. You may want to ask this if you are concerned about how your supervisors might be giving you constructive criticism or praise for your work. Generally, this will involve who you will be reporting to and what their habits are. Since feedback is motivation to do a better job for next time, this may be a vital thing to know for the future.

“Is there anything about my experience that could prevent you from making an offer?”

This question serves as a feedback loop to you, in order to give you the information you need to improve for next time. This is a bold question, so gauge the interview first before asking it. If the interview is going pleasantly, you might want to consider asking it. Word it in such a way that you would not come across as intrusive or rude.

You may want to hold back on this one if the interview isn’t going well, or if the interviewer seems to be in a bad mood.

“What kinds of people do well in this position?”

This gives the interviewer the opportunity to describe the ideal type of person for the position you are applying for. They might say a team player is great. They might tell you about the previous employee and what type of person they were. This gives you insight into what you may need to do in order to succeed in the position if offered a job.

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