Hiring someone new can be expensive and time consuming. This is why choosing the right candidate can be a stressful process. After bringing someone new onto your team, you want to make sure that you hired them for the right reasons. Even if your interview process was long and intensive, a new hire could turn into a negative situation. To help you find out, here is a list of things to keep an eye on.


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Increased Productivity

One of the more obvious signs that you made the right hiring decision is an increase in overall productivity. This is especially the case if the job was previously filled by someone who did not perform their job functions properly. There is a discernible difference between the quality of work the old employee and the new one. In some cases, the change is so profound that it impacts not only their department’s work, but other departments as well.


Positive Comments from Long-Time Employees You Trust

Talking to trusted employees that have worked for you for a long time is a good way to understand issues going on in the workplace. It is also a good way to find out how new employees are doing. If you’ve entrusted one of your long-time employees to train the new employee, they can give you the feedback you need to determine whether or not you hired the right person. However, the level of trust with this point is the most important. You don’t want to walk into the situation where the employee stands to gain something by talking negatively about the new employee. An honest, trustworthy employee is the best source for hearing the truth about your new hire.


No More Spill-Over Tasks

There may be times when you need to chip in on additional responsibilities that were filled by a previous employee who had recently left or was let go. These additional responsibilities, on top of your usual ones, can bog down your day and impact your more crucial appointments. A new employee who is effective in their job role only needs a short window of time to acclimate themselves to the nuances of their new job. You may find that these extra, spill-over tasks that you took on to cover for the rest of your team are being taken over and done well by the new employee. This means you can now focus on your primary job functions.


Smooth Employee Relations

As a manager or a supervisor, one of your goals is to ensure smooth employee relations. A newly hired employee throws a wrench into the mix and changes the workplace dynamic. Since they are new and your team likely doesn’t know them, they aren’t used to dealing with them yet. As you can imagine, this can cause some friction and drama in the workplace. Communication styles may clash and you might find yourself having to solve petty disputes. However, you have most-likely hired the right person if the new employee integrates well with your team and functions just as well as the rest of them.


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