If you’ve never had any temp-to-hire positions in your company, there is never a better time than now to learn about all of the benefits and to consider using temp-to-hire workers.

“Temp-to-hire” refers to a job created by a company, where an employee works with the possibility of being hired on full-time. At Tempstar Staffing, we have many temp-to-hire positions available, where our temporary employees can work and be considered for full-time employment. They are great for both employees and employers!

In order to help you decide whether or not to work with a staffing agency and use temp-to-hire positions in your business, we’ve compiled a list of all the benefits.



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Test an Employee’s Skills

To ensure that you are making a good hiring decision, temp-to-hire positions allow you to test an employee’s skills. They may have experience written on their resume. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean they can handle what you require of them. These kinds of jobs work similarly to temporary positions, where the employee is not fully employed by you, so there is no risk or money lost if it doesn’t work out. If their skills match their experience, you then have the opportunity to hire them on yourself. This kind of flexibility, to test someone’s ability in the job and then make a decision, is incredibly valuable.

If you think this might be valuable to you, temp-to-hire positions would be a great fit for your business.


See How the Employee Works Around Others

Checking an employee’s teamwork ability is important if your business hinges on having a cohesive team working together. If one of your employees can’t work with the others, the whole team suffers as a result. Adding a temp-to-hire position to your roster allows you to see how the temporary employee operates with the rest of your team. If they meet your standards and get along with everyone, you can hire them full-time. After that, we’re confident your team will be working like clockwork.


Positions Fill Quickly

Temp-to-hire positions that have competitive salaries and benefits are sought after by staffing firm employees. The difference between a temporary position and a temp-to-hire position is the possibility for full-time employment. This is an attractive perk for many individuals seeking long-term jobs.


Working with a staffing firm ensures that you will find the right temp-to-hire employee for your business. We at Tempstar Staffing would love to work with you and help you meet your hiring goals this year. Contact us today to see how we can help.