There are many benefits to working a seasonal job. Seasonal work is growing in popularity, and more and more companies are turning to temporary workers to get the job done. If you’re looking for some extra work, or you need a job right now, here are some great seasonal work that can make you some extra money during the holidays.


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Warehouse Jobs

You can’t go wrong with a warehouse job. While these positions are physical work, there are different positions you can try that will suit your skills and strength. During the holidays, warehouses have a higher workload, so they need to hire many temporary workers to get through the demand. If you’re not shy to physical labor, this industry might be a great fit for you. It may also lead to other opportunities down the road.


Server or Waitress

If you have a background in the restaurant industry, you’ll fit right in. Because turnover is so high, many restaurants and hotels look for seasonal workers to get through their toughest months. You can find a place whether at a restaurant busing tables, or at a hotel serving wedding guests.


Supermarket Jobs

Like warehousing, supermarkets are super busy during the holidays. They will often need to hire extra help to get through the busy days. This is especially around Thanksgiving and Christmas, when customers shop for their holiday meals. You will find luck either as a front-end associate (cashier, bagger, etc.) or back-end (stocking, picking, sorting).



The holidays are ever so stressful for retail businesses. While everyone is giving each other gifts, these companies struggle to fulfill orders. A wide variety of retail jobs are available during the holidays to fill gaps in the work load.


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