Finding the right person for your business’ needs is never something you should take lightly. Finding the ideal candidate might take too long. It may also lead to a bad hire, and it could cost your company thousands of dollars and waste hundreds of hours of productivity. We don’t want that to happen! If you’ve considered working with a staffing agency before, now’s a good time to partner with one for the new year.

There are many ways a staffing agency can help you achieve this year’s business goals.


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Saves You Time

Staffing agencies understand that time is a valuable resource.

Hiring candidates, particularly in specialized fields, can be incredibly time-consuming. Outsourcing sections of your hiring process can help you concentrate on other parts of your business that require attention. Being a partner with a staffing agency means that you have a group of folks at your back to help you out of a pinch.

Even if your hiring needs are next-day or same-day, staffing agencies understand business needs better than anyone.


Saves You Money

Hiring the wrong person can cost your company tens of thousands of dollars and can cause negative long-term effects on the remainder of your team.

When you’re a partner of a staffing agency, you run a lower risk of hiring the wrong person than if you handled recruiting yourself. Staffing agencies have experience in identifying red flags such as toxic attitudes, poor work ethic, or incomplete/inaccurate experience. Identifying these things, and more, matter more than filling seats in the office.

Staffing agencies do charge a mark-up for their services, but a good hire is well worth it.


Saves You Headaches

Sometimes, hiring can be a pain in the neck. The job market is currently competitive enough that finding and hiring the right person can be as painful as pulling teeth. That’s not to mention that “no call/no shows” can wreak havoc on your plans at any moment.

Fortunately, being a partner of a staffing agency means the effects of these issues will impact you less. Staffing agencies have a network of employees who are ready to work. If you’re short on workers for any reason, they can help you meet the demand.


Partner With Tempstar Staffing

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