Many companies nowadays hire seasonal workers to help push through busy portions of the year. Typically, seasonal jobs will only last for a couple weeks or months. However, in many cases, these jobs can lead to something more. Seasonal positions are sometimes used as behind-the-scenes ‘try-outs’ for new hires. While this isn’t always the case, if you leave a good impression while on a seasonal assignment, there’s a good chance they will want to keep you permanently.


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What industries hire seasonal workers?

Many industries and places of business hire seasonal workers at regular times throughout the year.

  • Warehouses. Distribution warehouses, specifically, often have upticks in business around holidays, and they must prepare by being fully staffed.
  • Restaurants. The restaurant “industry” sees a lot of unknowns, especially right now during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some restaurants are only busy certain parts of the year and must staff accordingly.
  • Retail. Retail is another industry that sees tons of increased business around holidays. Due to high turnover, retail managers often turn to seasonal jobs to pick up any extra vacancies during their busiest months.
  • Hospitality. The hotel business also sees upticks during the holidays or with local events. Hotels have a lot of moving parts and require employees to do all sorts of work, so there is always something to do and always demand for more help.
  • Manufacturing. Some manufacturing businesses have windows of time where the workload increases and require seasonal workers to fulfill demands.

What can you do to get hired on permanently?

While going from temporary to permanent isn’t a guarantee, it should always be the end goal you are striving towards.

  • Be punctual. Being punctual — showing up on time when you are asked to be at work — is a great way to show managers that you care about the job. They will see you as someone they can depend on, especially if they are in a jam.
  • Follow the rules. A big part of making a good impression is by following the rules. This includes all safety guidelines and workplace procedures. The closer you follow workplace rules, the greater impression you will make.
  • Take constructive feedback. You might not like your work being criticized, but that’s a part of growth. Take criticism on the chin and work towards making yourself as productive and efficient as possible.
  • Be available. Oftentimes employees are required to shift around their schedules in case a shift needs to be covered for some reason. Being available means you’re the first person that comes to mind when they need to find someone to cover a shift. If you are willing to put in this extra effort, it will go a long way.


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