Depending on your work schedule, Sunday is the perfect day to prepare for your work week. Mondays can be pretty rough, but if you prepare the night before, it can help to make your Mondays, and the rest of the week, pass smoothly. What should you be doing Sunday night to prepare for the week ahead?


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Organize your Monday

A good way to help structure your Monday is to make a list of everything you need to do throughout the day. This may include breakfast plans, chores, meal planning, and things you need to do for work. The list doesn’t need to be long, and it doesn’t need to include too many details. Just jot down a few general things with the time of day you expect to do them. That way you can stay organized all day, and you can remind yourself of the things you need to do in case you forget.


Set aside time to meditate

While this can be difficult for some, it may be important for you to set aside some time for meditation. You won’t need to sit on the floor or anything. A chair or sofa will work just fine. Whatever you choose to do, try to relax and focus your thoughts. It may also be beneficial to do some breathing exercises as well.


Make a meal plan

Prepare for your work week by creating a menu of sorts for yourself/your family, and prepare parts of the meals ahead of time. For example, if you want to make something with chicken for dinner on Monday, you can cook the chicken Sunday night and put it in the refrigerator. Or, you could cut and clean raw chicken and wait to cook it later. The details are up to you. However, having a weekly plan can help you out later on in the week if you know you’ll have a tough day with lots of things to do.


Make sure you get enough sleep

Many people make the mistake of staying up too late on Sundays, which makes them too drowsy and tired for their jobs the next day. Don’t treat Sunday like Saturday if you can help it. Make sure you go to bed at a reasonable time Sunday night and set an alarm for Monday morning. Consistency is important for maintaining a healthy sleep schedule.