Despite what some people might say, work-life balance isn’t a myth. It can be achieved, even for people with packed schedules. However, it takes patience, diligence, and (possibly) a lot of coffee to get to a healthy place. Fortunately, there are a few simple things you can incorporate into your daily routine that will help you with maintaining work-life balance.


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Get enough sleep

You likely know how much sleep you need in order to function the next day. If you don’t, however, that’s the first step towards work-life balance. You may be tempted to stay up late in order to fit more of your hobbies in, or to work on side hustles. While that is all fine and good, you should determine how much sleep you need and rigidly follow a healthy sleep schedule. Forming habits with your sleep schedule will help you get to sleep faster as well as give you more control over your home life.


Set boundaries

Do you find yourself doing work at home, or thinking about work while at home? Set physical and mental boundaries for yourself. Get into the habit of leaving work at work to do tomorrow. It won’t help at all if you’re constantly thinking about it. Wherever possible, keep your work and home separate. If you work remotely, store your work equipment and items away from view so that you can’t see it while you’re not on the clock. Try to associate certain rooms with work and others with relaxing, such as an office and living room, respectively, and don’t blend the two.


Use all paid time off

Your mental and physical health comes first. Many people like to save their paid time off for vacations or “just in case.” In many cases this is smart, but sometimes you just need a day or two to do nothing and unwind. Force of habit may make you feel like taking time off is wrong, but it isn’t. That time that your employer gives you is there for a reason. Make sure to use all of it and don’t let any go to waste.


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