Being passed over for a job can be a tough experience, especially when you’ve put in time and effort into applying and interviewing. For industrial and skilled trade workers, it’s important you to know how to handle this situation in a constructive way. Here are some tips to help you deal with being passed over for a job:


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Stay positive

It’s easy to become upset when you get passed over for a job. Rejection can make you feel worthless or like you aren’t good enough. However, it’s important to remain positive. You aren’t worthless and you are good enough! The best job for you will come along before you know it.

On the flipside, staying in a negative mindset can harm your future efforts. It closes you off from other openings or considering other options. It can also impact your future interviewing efforts. If you’re stuck on the job you lost out on, you’ll distract yourself from looking and moving forward.


Reflect on it

Reflect on what happened. Take some time to think over the entire process. In many cases, being rejected for a job simply comes down to someone else being picked over you. This is especially the case for competitive positions. However, even if things went well, think about the positive things as well as the things you can improve for next time. Were there any questions you struggled to answer? Did you adequately highlight your skills and experience?


Ask for feedback

If possible, reach out to the employer or hiring manager and ask for feedback on why you weren’t selected for the position. This can provide valuable insight into areas where you can improve. Keep in mind that not all employers will provide feedback, but it’s worth asking. If you don’t ask, you won’t find out whether or not they would give you feedback in the first place.


Keep learning and growing

The end is never the end. Even though you were passed over for a job, keep going. Use the experience as an opportunity to learn and grow. Take any feedback you receive and use it to improve your skills and qualifications. Consider taking additional training or certification courses to make yourself a stronger candidate for future opportunities.


Consider temporary work

If you’re consistently being passed over for a job, you might want to consider temporary work. Temporary jobs are short-term positions that often have set end dates. They are flexible, give you exposure into new industries, and give you new ways to network with people. The good news about temporary work is that it’s temporary; you don’t need to commit to an assignment if it’s not for you. Thinking about trying out temporary work? Contact us today to see how we can help!